Nick Hogben is LOVELESS.

This does not mean he is without love. Nick is a frighteningly original artist that allows the depths of his soul to throw up on paper.

He does not plan, or sketch,  or prepare, he uses pens, ink and paper to exorcise his feelings. His art is fully and incredibly automatic. 

Everything you see is a unique work that has travelled from his mind onto the page. 

He is not interested in duplication, so you will not find prints here, each piece is a signed original. 

While other artists will paint or draw something, make 250 prints and sell each one for hundreds of pounds, LOVELESS art is, like Nick, a one-off. He wants you to own an original for the price of a print.

People talk about ‘existential art’ but this art is existential to a more profound degree: without it, Nick would not exist. If he hadn’t started creating these incredible pieces, he would have killed himself years ago. 

He’s feeling OK now, if you want to know more, listen to the mental health podcast he does with his friend, Brad, it’s called Mouth Of Manliness. There are links to it in the NEWS section. 

I was a guest on this podcast, and the first thing I said to Nick, aside from hello, pleased to meet you, was “oh my god – are you on some kind of genius spectrum?” 

I was looking at one of his works at the time. 

Forty eight hours later and I was his manager. 

Nine days later and I’m writing this for his first website. 

He’s a true visionary, walking on a razor blade between mild and total insanity, and when I told him, within five minutes of meeting him “you’re just like Yayoi Kusama the genius Japanese artist who lives in a mental hospital” (and who, like Nick, doesn’t plan or sketch)…

Nick had never heard of her. Point is, Nick is outside of the art establishment, even outside art and artists.

He is an outsider and a maverick.


(I do my best to manage Loveless)